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Seller Info:

One key to a successful relationship between a real estate agent and their client is that, in addition to representing your interests competently, they educate you about the process as it unfolds – look for a real estate agent that informs you about the process.

Bill makes selling your home in the Sanford area a much easier process than you might expect. To enable Bill to help you get the best possible price for your personal real estate property or investment property, there are steps that will need to be followed:

Bill will tour your home so that he can complete a market analysis of your home. You will be advised as to what, if anything, needs to be done to your home to guarantee the highest possible sales price and to compete effectively with other homes currently on the market in the Sanford Lee County area.

There are many listing forms that will need to be completed to give Bill permission to facilitate the sale of your home. When the listing agreement is signed, Bill will begin marketing your home.


  • The For Sale sign will be prominently placed.

  • A lock box will be placed on your property when you are ready.

  • With your input, your property will be listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

  • Interior and exterior photos will be taken of your home.

  • Your home will be added to Bill’s Carolina Real Estate print and Internet advertising where appropriate.

  • Showings of your home will be scheduled with your family’s interest in mind.


Showing Your Home:

Showings will generate the most important thing for a home seller – a contract! Although it is inconvenient to keep your home presentable at all times, it may be when you least expect it that you’ll get a call saying someone wants to see your home, “today.”

When a buyer is interested in seeing your home, Bill will notify you. Bill asks that you make every effort not to be present when your home is being shown so that the buyer can feel comfortable touring your home. After each showing, feedback and opinions from the potential homebuyer will be shared with you by Bill.


Offer to Purchase On Your Home:

When an offer to purchase on your home is made, Bill will contact you immediately and inform you of the terms of the contract. Experience dictates that we should expect a negotiating process – either verbally or in writing, in writing preferred.


Once Your Home is Under Contract:

The buyer will most likely want to conduct a home inspection. This is where the buyer ensures that the home is in a condition suitable to the buyer. Bill will guide you through the inspections process and what to expect. You will be notified with the dates for the appropriate inspections.

Basic Home Inspection will cover built-in appliances, electrical system, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, roof covering (flashing, gutters), doors and windows, exterior surfaces, structural components (foundation, columns, chimneys, floors, walls, ceiling, roof), porches, decks, fireplaces, flues, crawl space and attic ventilation systems. If there are repairs needed that you agree to take care of, Bill can help you locate skilled contractors in the Sanford area to handle these repairs.


Appraisal and Review Process:

The buyer’s lender will contact Bill to schedule an appraisal of the home.


Closing Day!

Your part should typically take about thirty minutes to an hour. You will likely review the settlement statement with Bill prior to closing, so you will be familiar with the figures involved in the transaction. If you are unable to attend the closing, arrangements can be made for Bill to execute the settlement statement on your behalf. Technically, a closing in North Carolina is at the time the deed is recorded with the Register of Deeds. You can plan to pick up your proceeds from the sale after the deed is recoded.